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Information center for Bulgaria and the EU opened in the Taraclia State University

10 June 2014 News

Moldova has always been a part of the European political, economic and cultural space. The efforts and the rapid progress of the country on its way to Unified Europe serve as an affirmation for that. With these words Minister Kristian Vigenin addressed today the representatives of the Bulgarian community, teachers and students who gathered for the unveiling of an Information Centre for Bulgaria and the European Union at the Taraclia State Univeristy of the Republic of Moldova.

The first step in that direction has already been made - since the end of April Moldovan citizens can  travel visa-free to EU countries. This is a result of the efforts of all the people and your government, said Vigenin. He expressed satisfaction, because Bulgaria has contributed to this success both through its active work as a EU Member State and bilaterally, sharing its experience of the path to EU membership. The closer to the EU Moldovais, the closer we will be to our compatriots here in Taraclia, he said.

Minister Kristian Vigenin pointed out that the Information Center for Bulgaria and the EU, established and funded  by the Bulgarian state,will be of a great benefit to all Moldovans, including the Bulgarian community in Taraclia, as it would create an opportunity for a direct contact with Bulgaria, providing  more information on the EU and the benefits of EU integration.

Moldova's economic prospects are increasing because the Association Agreement provides in the relatively near future to make the Moldovan economy part of the European market, said Minister Vigenin. I hope that Bulgarian business will soon rediscover Moldova, especially Taraclia, he added.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Valeriu Chiveri and the rector of the university Maria Paslar expressed gratitude for the establishment of the center.

Earlier today, Minister Kristian Vigenin met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Natalia Gherman. According to the Bulgarian Foreign Minister,  the Government of Moldova has carried out important reforms in key areas such as justice, public administration, investment climate, fight against corruption, which has earned the trust of the European partners. According to Vigenin, this caused  the decision of the European Council to speed up the process of signing the Association Agreement, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. He expressed confidence that the signing of the document will take place during  the European Council meeting on 27 June this year.

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