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Level 4: Termination warning throughout the country (except in case of extreme necessity)


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Republic of Zimbabwe

The Republic of Bulgaria has no embassy in Harare. Bulgarian citizens residing in Zimbabwe on short-term or long-term basis may address on any consular matters the Embassy of Bulgaria in Pretoria, South Africa.

Embassy of Bulgaria in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
Address: 1071 Church street, 0083 Hatfield, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
Telephone: +27 12 342 37 20; +27 12342 79 41
Fax: +27 12 342 37 21
Mobile number: +27 79 893 7336  upon emergencies in out-of-office hours, holidays and rest days.
Office hours: Mo-Fri, 09.00 am - 12.00 pm
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/southafrica

The embassy of Zimbabwe in Vienna serves the Bulgarian citizens wishing to visit Zimbabwe.

Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Vienna
Address: Strozzigasse 10/15, A 1080, Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 1 4079236/7
Tel./Fax.: +43 1 4079238
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.zimbabweembassyvienna.at

General information

general information

Local currency

Zimbabwean dollar (ZWL)

Since 2009 the local currency of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean dollar. 

In rare cases convertible currencies are still used, such as USD, EURO and Botswanian pula.

Crime and security

In Zimbabwe there is high risk for security.

Recommendable is before deciding to travel to Zimbabwe to search reliable information about the security situation in the county. 

Law specifics

As in most African countries, in Zimbabwe all acts of homosexualityare treated as immoral and severely punished in conformity with the local legislation.

Photo shooting of public buildings is strictly prohibited.

Customs requirements

There are not any limitations on the import of foreign currency, though it shall be declared upon entering of the country. The foreign currency export is permitted within the limits of the amount declared upon entering of the country.

Import of hunting weapons for safari purposes, together with related ammunition, is permitted. In such case you will need Temporary Import Permit for hunting weapon, which may be obtained at each international airport in Zimbabwe. 

Road traffic

Traffic in Zimbabwe follows the left road lane.

The main streets in the capital, with some small exceptions, are of good asphalt pavement. This does not apply for the side streets.

Security upon travel by inter-city buses and trains is not guaranteed.

Compulsory is the insurance at the boundary upon entering of the country by car.


When a column escorting the President is coming close, immediately stop driving! 


Recommendable is having medical insurance concluded in advance. 

Medical care in hospitals, including private ones, does not conform to the European standards.

Especially large number of HIV cases! The disease has affected almost 25% of the population.

The cholera epidemics having burst out in Zimbabwe in 2008/2009 requests searching for medical help at the very occurrence of the first symptoms.

Prophylaxis against malaria is compulsory at above-sea level of under 1200 m.   

Travel papers and visas

International passport valid for minimum six months as from the date of entering Zimbabwe. 

Recommendable is the vaccination against yellow fever.

Topical information on necessary vaccinations for Zimbabwe may be obtained from the National Centre on Contagious and Parasite Diseases on phone number: +359 2 944 69 99 / 221. 

Bulgarian citizens traveling to Zimbabwe (holders of common, official and diplomatic passports) need visas which may be obtained at the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Vienna.

Officially permitted is obtaining of visa upon arrival at the airports in Harare, Bulauajo and Victoria, as well as at the border checkpoints at the land boundaries of Zimbabwe.

Regardless of the above, recommendable is checking of this information before travel.

Practical advice

At the international airport in Harare be careful for pocket stealers.

You should always bear a photocopy of your international passport, and the original and other important documents should be left at the hotel.

Avoid moving during the dark hours of the day.

Upon travelling by car, lock the doors and windows from the inner side.

Be especially careful upon travelling outside the capital. 

Stay aside from crowded places.

Pay special attention on the prohibition over the possession of non-processed precious stones and metals. If you bear unprocessed ones, you must also possess in any case a document for their acquisition.

Keeping of strict personal hygiene is recommendable.

Special attention shall be paid upon consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Water shall be boiled, or bottled water shall be purchased.  

Traveling of children

There is no requirement for separate passports of children under the age of 18. 

Competitive service

Certification and Legalisation

All documents issued by the competent authorities of Zimbabwe to Bulgarian citizens shall have fixed seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe, so as to be valid in R. Bulgaria and serve in front of the Bulgarian institutions. Thereafter, the documents have to be verified by the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Vienna. The signature and verifications of the Zimbabwean Embassy in Vienna shall be verified by the consular office at the Embassy of R. Bulgaria in the Austrian capital. 

So verified, the documents must be translated in the Bulgarian language by an authorised company in the Republic of Bulgaria and verified at “Certifications and Legalisations” Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of R. Bulgaria.

Emergency Travel Document

In extreme cases – upon damaging, losing or stealing of passport, the Bulgarian citizens may apply for issuing of an Emergency Travel Document at the embassy of an EU member state in Harare.

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