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Level 4: Termination warning throughout the country (except in case of extreme necessity)


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Islamic Republic of Iran

Embassy of The Republic of Bulgaria in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Address: Tehran, "Vali-ye Asr" Ave, "Tavanir" Ave, "Nezami-ye Ganjavi" Str. 40
Telephone: +98 21 8877 5662; +98 21 8877 5037
Fax: +98 21 8877 9680
Out-of-hours hotlines:
+98 930 568 34 09 /mobile number/
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/iran

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sofia
Address: Sofia, 55 “Simeonovsko Shosse” blvd.
Тelephone: +359 2 987 85 46; +359 2 987 61 73; +359 2 981 43 48; +359 2 980 54 51
Fax: +359 2 981 41 02; +359 2 987 70 41
E-mail: [email protected]

General information

General Information

Local currency

Iranian rial (IRR)

Travel checks may be exchanged only in Teheran and the bigger cities, and only in local currency (rials). Credit cards are very rarely accepted. It is recommended to have currency in cash, in quantity sufficient to cover all expenditures at the time of stay, including contingent expenses. The currency shall be exchanged only at the banks and in licensed exchange bureaus.   

Interesting facts

Iran, known in the past as Persia, has received its official name “The Islamic Republic of Iran” in 1979. It is an Islamic theocratic state, which is governed in conformity with the norms and after the laws of the Islam. it is a country with ancient civilization, history and culture, with friendly attitude towards R. Bulgaria and the Bulgarians. 

Crime and security

The level of security in Iran in general is good. Travelling through the country and to the major tourist centres is peaceful. Organised trips are preferable. Journeys to the south-eastern part of the country must be avoided, and  especially to the provinces of Sistan-Baludzhistan and Kerman. 

Real threat is imposed by visiting places close to the boundary with Afghanistan and Pakistan where the route of major drugs’ traffic is found. Travel requests permanent attention, it shall be carried out only on main roads and only during the light hours of the day.   

It is recommened to conclude contract for health, tourist, travel or another type of insurance before the visit.

It is not mandatory, but it is recommendable to register yourself at the Bulgarian Embassy in Teheran, IR Iran. This would facilitate the connection with you upon emergency or necessity. We recommend hereby, before departing from R. Bulgaria, or immediately after your arrival, to put in your records the addresses and telephones of the Embassy. In case of necessity the hotel administration where you stay, the tour operators arranging your travel, as well as the local police authorities may appropriately dispose of this data.  

Law specifics

The state is Islamic, which requests paying respect towards the established religious traditions, customs and beliefs. 

There are obligatory rules of behaviour and clothing, including upon sports, during work, at the street, at public places, upon travel, etc. With special strictness this is applicable to women who are obliged to wear kerchiefs and long clothes covering the ankles.

Men wear clothes with short sleeves, but not short trousers, earrings, necklaces and other trinkets. Close relation between men and women may not be demonstrated at public places.

Penalties imposed for committed breaches may be very big.

Photo shooting of military or governmental objects and installations, or close to such is strictly prohibited. 

In Iran, the import, use and trading with alcohol drinks and psychotropic substances is absolutely prohibited and is seriously punished by law. 

Possession of narcotics is punished very heavily, by death included.

Custom requirements

The import of arms and ammunition, alcohol, pork meat, drugs, transmission and recorder equipment, CDs, audio and video cassettes, books and propaganda materials containing information in contradiction with the norms and laws of the established public order and threatening the national interests of the country is strictly prohibited.

It is recommended to declare the whole imported foreign currency. Currency non-declared upon entering of the country may be confiscated upon exiting.  

It is requested that all medicines should be kept in their original packaging; you must also check whether some of the medicines are included in the prohibition lists for illegal narcotic means in Iran. Where similar substances are prescribed to you as medicines, please bear a copy of the medical prescription in confirmation of this fact.

Carrying someone else’s articles upon entering on the territory of Iran is not recommended.  

Upon travelling by motor vehicle you must provide yourselves with an international driver’s  license and “carne de passage”, issued by the Bulgarian Drivers’ Union.

Upon detainment by the local authorities, you have to request ensuring to you contact with the diplomatic representative office of R. Bulgaria in Iran.  Consular officer from the Bulgarian mission, in the shortest time possible, will establish connection with you.

Travel papers and visas

A passport with at least 6-months’ period of validity and granted visa is requested.

Medical and passenger’s insurances are recommendable! 

It is recomended to obtain information the Bulgarian medical authorities about the epidemiologic conditions in the country and the necessity of  eventual vaccinations before the visit.

Topical information may be obtained from the National Centre of Contagious and Parasite Diseases on telephone: +359 2 944-69-99/221.

Bulgarians travelling to Iran have to obtain visa – entrance, transit, tourist or journalist one, which is obtained from the Embassy of IR Iran in Sofia, as well as from the closest diplomatic or consular representative office. 

A form is filled in, four photos of passport size are enclosed, specified fee and a passport of at least 6-moths period of validity are paid. Entrance visas have a period of validity of up to three months, and transit visas – of up to ten days as from the date of issue.

Holders of common passports wishing to enter the territory of Iran solely for the purpose of tourism, may obtain tourist visa for stay of up to seven days, at the airports of “Imam Homeyni” and “Mehrabad” in Teheran, as well as at the airports in Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashhad.

To that end, at the airport there must be submitted a passport with period of validity of not less than 6 months, a return ticket, one photo and filled form for visa application.

Holders of diplomatic or official passports may reside on the territory of R. Iran for up to 30 days without any visas.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran dual citizenship is not recognised and Bulgarian citizens possessing also Iran’s citizenship, after having entered the country are considered as Iran’s citizens only.     

Competitive service

Certifications and LegalisationLegalisations:

Legalisations of Iranian documents are carried out only where the document is designated to serve in R. Bulgaria. To that end on the document the seal of the relevant ministry has to be put (for example, for diploma of higher education – a seal of the Ministry of Education) and verified by a seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran. The period for execution of the service is three business days, and the price is 20 Euro for legalisation. 

Civil status:

In the Embassy there may be executed registration of birth, marriage or death of Bulgarian citizens.  To that end the Bulgarian citizen has to submit the Iranian deed for the relevant event, verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and translated in the Bulgarian language. The translation may be made in the Embassy.

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