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Republic of Finland

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Finland
Address: Kuusisaarentie 2B; 00340 Hеlsinki
Telephone: +358 9 458 40 55 (operator); +358 9 458 40 35 (operator)
Fax: +358 9 458 45 50
Out-of-hours hotline: +358 44 055 0547
Opening hours of the embassy: Mon to Fri, 9.00 - 16.00h (with the exception of official holidays in Bulgaria and in Finland)
Office hours: Mon to Fri, 10:00 - 13:00h (with the exception of official holidays and weekends in Bulgaria and in Finland)
Е-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/finland

Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Sofia
Address: 1000 София, 26-28 Bacho Kiro Str., Floor 5
Telephone: +359 2 810 21 10
Fax: +359 2 810 21 20
E-mail: [email protected]

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Finland in Bulgaria
Mr. Krassimir Gantchev

Chancellerie: 9000 Varna, 12, rue Prezviter Kuzma

GSM: +359 888 336457

General information

general information

Crime and security

Crime rate in Finland is low. Visitors need to take common security measures. EU Emergency call number is 112.


Travel papers and visas

Bulgarian citizens can travel to Finland with valid passports or ID cards. Visas are not required. There is no requirement as to the validity before expiry of the ID card or passport.

Once the stay exceeds the period of 90 consecutive days, foreigners must register with the Police office.

When a stay exceeds three months, a registration with the relevant authorities must be made in conformity with certain administrative formalities, see HERE. The Local Register Office shall issue a current registration certificate stating the name and address of the person registering and the date of registration. Failure to comply with the registration requirement may render the person concerned liable to proportionate and non-discriminatory sanctions. A valid ID card or passport should be presented, a confirmation of engagement from the employer or a certificate of employment, or a proof that they are self-employed people; proof of on enrolment in an accredited educational establishment institution and of possession of a comprehensive sickness insurance cover.

Practical advice

Bulgarian driving licenses are valid in Finland.

In conformity with Art.11 of Directive 2006/126 of the European Parliament, the consulate to an embassy shall not accept applications for reissuance of driving licenses to Bulgarian citizens whose habitual residency is in Finland.

“Habitual residency" means the place where a person usually resides, i.e. spends more than 185 days per calendar year. According to the above mentioned Directive, driving licenses shall be issued by the authorities of the relevant EU Member State.

For additional information on issuance of driving licenses in Finland check HERE.

Detailed information and tips for persons travelling by air can be found on the website of Sofia airport HERE and Vantaa airport HERE.

Competitive service

Certification and legalisation

To have a public document issued by the Finish civil register recognised in Bulgaria and vice versa, i.e. to have a Bulgarian public document recognized in Finland, the said public document needs to be certified with an Apostille and translated. The translation has to be made by a sworn translator who has signed a contract for certified translations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Finland civil status certificates (extract from the population information system in Finland) are issued and certified with an Apostille by the Local Register Office. For further information see HERE.

Bulgarian identity documents

The Bulgarian Embassy in Finland accepts applications for the issuance of passports, ID cards and temporary passports since it has been equipped with the technology for taking biometric data (fingerprints and iris).

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