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Emergency medical assistance and accident

In case you need emergency medical assistance or you have had an accident abroad you can rely on the security forces and the medical services in the respective country. Yet before you leave, you are advised to have a European electronic healthcare card, car insurance (if you travel by car), as well as a general healthcare insurance.

In grievous cases the local authorities provide assistance by providing medical care, administering hospitalization, informing the relatives and the Bulgarian embassy (if there is one in the respective country)

In emergency cases you can always contact the 24/7 centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at: +359 2 948 2404 and +359 2 971 38 56

In case of road and other accidents the Bulgarian diplomatic representation can also provide assistance in legal claims, in providing evidence (report on the accident, sketching the accident). If needed, a local lawyer is also recommendable to be hired.

In case of traffic accidents the police shall be required to provide all the necessary evidence and to provide a copy of the records to all participants in accident. In addition, the personal data of all participants in the accident must be collected.

Before a trip, you are advised to get acquainted with the location of your insurance company’s partners in the country you are travelling to.

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