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What can or cannot do the consular services offices for you

What type of consular assistance can the missions of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad provide?

What can the consular officials abroad do for you:

  • Provide you with the latest information for your travel.
  • Provide you with basic information about your rights and the conditions of residence, work, education, social and medical care in the respective foreign country.
  • Receive applications filled by Bulgarian citizens, under the established procedure, for issuance of new Bulgarian identity documents, namely identity card, passport, driving license, and issuance of a temporary passport in case you do not have a valid travel document due to damage, theft or loss of your regular international passport.
  • Issue temporary travel documents for EU citizens.
  • Issue Temporary Passport of a Foreigner for Return to The Republic of Bulgaria to foreign citizens who have the humanitarian status of residence in Bulgaria and who have, for some reason, lost their foreign travel document.
  • Verify and validate a signature, content of a document or a copy of a document.
  • Prepare a notarial will.
  • Serve as a civil status officer and issue civil status documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate.
  • Forward the civil status documents drawn up by local authorities to the municipality of your permanent residence in Bulgaria.
  • Accept documents related to Bulgarian citizenship issues and forward them, according to competence, to the Ministry of Justice.
  • Assist the Bulgarian citizens in matters relating to proof of their right of succession in the host country by contacting the administrative authorities concerned and requesting the official information available.
  • Assist the Bulgarian citizens, victims of crime abroad, by promptly informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their families.
  • In the event of an accident, serious illness or death - inform your relatives and provide any assistance.
  • In caseof arrest - notify your relatives and assist them to visit you in prison; in case of your express desire - to visit you in prison; urge the local authorities to appoint a defender and an interpreter for you, to respect your fundamental human rights and treat you the same way as they treat the citizens of the host country.
  • Establish contact with the local police and request information in cases where Bulgarian citizens abroad have been kidnapped or are considered missing.
  • Assist in the search of inheritance from abroad through the authorities of the country concerned.
  • Assist in case of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, terrorist acts or military conflict.

What the consular officials abroad can NOT do for you:

  • Provide you with visas for other countries.
  • Provide you with a travel booking and hotel
  • Store your luggage and valuables.
  • Pay for your hotel, medical expenses or other bills, including the fee for returning lost luggage to Bulgaria.
  • Provide you with a lawyer.
  • Provide you with an interpreter and telephone services.
  • Exchange currency.
  • Provide postal and banking services.
  • Pay the cost of legal services.
  • Represent you in lawsuits.
  • Release you from prison or arrange for any special treatment for you in prison.
  • Be a party to lawsuits against Bulgarian citizens and cover costs in criminal, commercial, labor or civil lawsuits.
  • To provide you with legal advice or counseling.
  •  Intervene to resolve commercial disputes in favor of Bulgarian citizens.
  • Cover the cost of cremation or burial of Bulgarian citizens deceased abroad or transportation of the ashes urn or the coffin with remains of the deceased to Bulgaria.
  • Provide loans or undertake to pay your bills for food, transport, accommodation, legal or medical advice / hospitalization.
  • Act as guarantors of loans or other financial transactions.
  • Provide you with a work permit.
  • Assist you to obtain a permanent residence permit.
  • Pay you a pension or arrange for payment of your social security contributions.
  • Investigate crimes.


Содействие консульской службы и консульские услуги

Konsularische Hilfe und Konsularischer Service

Assistance consulaire et services consulaires

Asistencia y servicios consulares

المساعدة القنصلية والخدمات القنصلية

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