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Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Colombia were established in 1973. In the same year, the two countries opened their embassies in Sofia and Bogota, respectively. In 1990 our embassy in Bogota was closed, and in 1992 it was re-established. It was closed again in 1998. The Colombian government also closed its embassy in Bulgaria in February 1999. The Colombian ambassador in Warsaw was accredited in Sofia. The Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Brazil is accredited in Colombia as well.

Bulgaria has an Honorary Consul in Bogota, and Colombia has one in Sofia.

Academic exchange occupies an important place in the relations between the two countries. In 2014, an agreement was signed between the Colombian University Cooperation System Uniminuto and the Technical University of Sofia, focusing on opportunities for exchange of students and teachers between the two institutions.

The Bulgarian community is small - about 90 persons, mostly temporary residents and descendants of mixed marriages. Since 2008, there is a Bulgarian company based in Bogota, which activities are dedicated to issues in the field of education between the two countries.

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