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Level 2: Increased attention (please be informed in detail about the current situation in the country)


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We call on Bulgarian citizens to refrain from travelling!

Republic of Cape Verde

The Republic of Bulgaria does not have a functioning embassy in Cape Verde. The Bulgarian Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic has also been appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Cape Verde, based in Lisbon, Portugal. For consular matters, Bulgarian citizens visiting Cape Verde or staying in the country for an extended period may contact the Bulgarian diplomatic mission in the Portuguese Republic.
There is currently no Embassy of Cape Verde accredited to Bulgaria. The accreditation of the Ambassador of Cape Verde in Brussels, Belgium, is expected in June this year.

Honorary Consul of Cape Verde in the Republic of Bulgaria
Mr Radoslav Tochev
Sofia 1000, 130 G. S. Rakovski St., floor 1, apt. 4;
Telephone: +359 878 968 871;
e-mail: [email protected] 
Working hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 18:00

Travel papers and visas

Bulgarian citizens shall travel to Cape Verde with an international passport valid for at least six months from the date of travel. They need a visa, which they can obtain through the Embassy of Cape Verde in Berlin.
As of 1 January 2019, citizens of the European Union are exempt from the visa requirement for short stays (up to a maximum of 30 days). The visa waiver only applies to stays of up to 30 days; for longer stays, obtaining a visa is mandatory and registration must be made on the government website.
It is a requirement that passengers register at least five days before departure on the official website: https://www.ease.gov.cv/

The following passengers are exempt from pre-registration:

1. Children up to two years of age;
2. Cape Verdean passport holder, his/her children under the age of 18 and his/her spouse;
3. Cape Verdean citizen (as well as his/her children under 18 and spouse);
4. Foreign nationals legally established in Cape Verde (resident status);
5. Special cases: business trips, flights with technical or weather problems, transit passengers.

Registration is done at https://www.ease.gov.cv/ , where the traveller must provide his/her identification, dates of stay, contacts (telephone and e-mail) and place of stay (hotel).
At the end of check-in, the passenger must pay a TSA (Airport Security Fee) of €EUR 30.5.
Passengers who do not qualify for the visa waiver must pay: visa fee (EUR 25) + TSA — airport security fee (EUR 30.5)
For up-to-date information on mandatory and/or recommended vaccines you may contact the Regional Health Inspectorates in the country. Yellow fever vaccine is administered at the following regional health inspectorates: Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate; Varna RHI; Burgas RHI; Pleven RHI; Plovdiv RHI; Blagoevgrad RHI and Rusi RHI.


Your passport must have at least one completely blank page so that the entry visa can be affixed to it. There should be no other visa stamps on the back of this page other than the border control stamps.

European Emergency Travel Document:

In extreme situations - in case of damage, loss or theft of a passport, Bulgarian citizens can apply for an Emergency Travel Document at an Embassy of an EU Member State in Cape Verde.
More information about the country can be found HERE: http://www.capeverde.com/

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