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Public diplomacy is a means of generating a favourable internal and external environment for the implementation of the foreign policy agenda and its guiding objectives and priorities. It contributes to:

  • Better positioning of our country in the external environment;
  • Increasing the level of trust in the diplomatic service and building relations of dialogue between the diplomatic service and civil society, shaping public attitudes towards the foreign policy;
  • Encouraging public discussion on topical foreign policy issues and involving Bulgarian society and civil institutions in Bulgaria's foreign policy positions and actions;
  • Promoting Bulgaria's foreign policy experience, building the image and credibility of our country as a key partner in the process of preparing the countries of Southeast Europe for EU membership;
  • Ensuring professional and expert management by upgrading the knowledge, skills and qualifications of the civil servants, preparing them for full participation in the EU and NATO decision-making process and effective implementation of our country's commitments arising from its EU and NATO membership;
  • Enhancing the specialised knowledge and skills of representatives of the diplomatic service and the civil service whose activities are related to the planning and implementation of the foreign policy of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Expanding international and national cooperation through exchange and promotion of expertise, implementation of research and analytical projects on important foreign policy issues for Bulgaria and the region;
  • Maintaining a permanent public dialogue (through publications, conferences, discussion clubs, electronic platform) between the institutions generating and implementing Bulgaria's foreign policy.

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