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Instruments of the Development Co-operation Policy

Instruments of the Development Cooperation Policy

Multilateral instruments include:

  • participation in the EU’s development policy;
  • participation in universal development cooperation mechanisms through the United Nations system and other international organisations;
  • voluntary contributions to the EU or international organisations listed in Annex 2 to the DAC Statistical Reporting Directives.

Regional and bilateral instruments for provision of development assistance include:

  • in-kind assistance;
  • financial grant assistance;
  • external debt relief;
  • development programmes and development projects including investments in or donation of movable property provided under these programmes and projects;
  • sending experts and volunteers;
  • sharing knowledge and experience;
  • education on development matters and raising public awareness;
  • provision of scholarships for study at Bulgarian higher education institutions;
  • support for national, including Bulgarian, or international non-governmental organisations active in the sphere of development; etc.

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