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Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Luxembourg were established in 1956.

Luxembourg is an EU partner and NATO ally. The established dynamic political dialogue facilitates the deepening of the bilateral cooperation and the interaction within the international organisations. 2021 marked the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

In the last few years, the steady development of the commercial and economic cooperation between Bulgaria and Luxembourg is focused on expanding the market presence in the context of export oriented goods and services, increasing the interaction in the banking and financial segments, attracting new investors and setting up joint projects within the EU. There is a potential for broadening the bilateral sectoral cooperation, as well as for increasing the tourist exchange.

According to official statistical data from 2021, the number of permanent or long-term Bulgarian residents in Luxembourg is 1900. The Bulgarian community consists primarily of qualified specialists working for European institutions, banks and financial institutions, consulting companies. There are a couple of organisations of Bulgarians and a Bulgarian Orthodox church municipality in Luxembourg.

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