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Mission and Principles

The Republic of Bulgaria has an active, consistent and targeted policy for peace, stability, security, human rights, democracy and prosperity regionally and globally. Bulgaria is a reliable and predictable ally in the European Union (EU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the UN and other international governmental organisations. It is also a reputable partner in bilateral international relations. The Ministry is an effective and efficient creator of foreign policy of the government and a co-ordinator of its policies within the European Union (hereinafter "European policy"). The Ministry is an active, competent and reliable source of information, analysis, evaluations and proposals for the Government and for other public authorities, businesses, NGOs and citizens in the country and its foreign partners.

The main efforts of the Ministry, including overseas missions, are focused on those countries, regions and organisations that have a direct and important significance for its national goals and interests. The organisation of the Ministry, including accreditation and composition of its overseas offices, is constructed according to the country’s foreign, economic, community and security interests and priorities, they have optimal composition and operate effectively and efficiently within the resources available. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is able to respond immediately, effectively and flexibly to important changes in the international environment, including crisis situations. The Ministry, including its overseas offices, is a state organisation that is open and accessible to citizens in the framework of certain public rules, and which is subject to the political leadership, parliamentary scrutiny and oversight by civil society and its institutions. The Ministry is a reputable employer, which employs professionals of high integrity, appropriate responsibilities and motivation, and with a sense of collegiality and personal responsibility.

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