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The Republic of Bulgaria recognised the Republic of Kosovo by a decision of the Council of Ministers of 20 March 2008. The Liaison Office in Pristina, opened in 2002, was promoted to the rank of Embassy by a decision of the Council of Ministers of 10 July 2009.

Bulgaria provides consistent support to the young country, including in its integration into regional and international organisations. The active participation of the Republic of Kosovo, together with other countries in the region, in the various formats would make it possible to achieve a higher degree of coherence in all its dimensions and to more successfully counter modern threats.

In the bilateral relations with Kosovo, Bulgaria seeks to achieve priority goals and objectives, including: assisting in building a stable, peaceful, democratic and multiethnic Kosovo, which is of paramount importance for the overall security architecture in the Western Balkans and Europe as a whole; setting the stage for building the regulatory and legal framework for bilateral relations; establishing a functioning cooperation between the sectoral ministries of the two countries in the areas of mutual interest; assistance and sharing experience in the process of European integration.

In recent years, there has been an intensification of political dialogue between the two countries. Visits and meetings in international forums have also contributed to the development of bilateral political dialogue. Bulgaria is interested in Kosovo's progress towards minorities, as there is a community of citizens on its territory who have declared Bulgarian self-awareness.

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