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In 1969, consular relations were established between Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Ecuador, and two years later (1971) - diplomatic relations. Until 1989, the embassies of the two countries were headed by chargé d'affaires a.i., and in 1989 ambassadors were accredited in Quito and Sofia. In 1990, for financial reasons, the Bulgarian Embassy in Quito was closed. In the same year, the Ecuadorian country reciprocally closed its diplomatic mission in Bulgaria. Since 2008, the Ecuadorian ambassador to Hungary has been accredited in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian ambassador to Brazil is also accredited in Ecuador. Bulgaria has an Honorary Consul in Ecuador based in Quito, the Honorary Consul of Ecuador in Bulgaria is based in Sofia.

There are good traditions in cultural exchange. Film weeks have been held in Ecuador and Bulgarian graphic exhibitions have been presented. Books by Bulgarian authors have been published. The Academic Choir "Angel Manolov" took part in the International Music Festival in Guayaquil.

The Ecuadorian country periodically organises exhibitions and presentations in Bulgaria advertising Ecuador as a tourist destination with an emphasis on the natural and cultural attractions of Ecuador.

There are about 30 Bulgarian citizens permanently residing in Ecuador. They are concentrated mainly in the capital Quito and in the port city of Guayaquil.

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