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Any Bulgarian citizen residing abroad may submit a passport issuance application at a diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The applicant has to appear in person because upon acceptance of the application consular officer will take digital images of the applicant’s signature, face and fingerprints.

Passport issuance applications are not accepted by diplomatic or consular missions that do not have available technical capacity for taking digital images of an applicant’s signature, face and footprints.

Notifying the applicant

The diplomatic or consular mission will, within 5 business days, notify the applicant as to whether the passport can be issued.

In case certain discrepancies in the data filled in are detected, the diplomatic mission will, within 7 business days, notify the applicant thereof, requesting him / her to remove them. In case the applicant fails to remove all discrepancies within one month from being so notified, the passport issuance procedure is terminated. Upon receipt of a confirmation, the diplomatic mission will notify the applicant within 7 business days of the issuance of his / her document.

Receipt of the document

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may send the passports issued to the relevant diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad:

  1. through its own official channels
  2. through a company certified as a carrier of valuable shipments, if the applicant has requested the “forwarding via a carrier company” services and has paid for that service DHL.

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