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Vatican City

Vatican City State

There are currently no additional restrictions on access to the Vatican City State beyond the usual specific restrictions posted on the MFA website. Due to the fact that access to the Vatican is only through the city of Rome, the general regulations for entry and stay in Italy should be observed.

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Holy See

Address: Via Ferdinando Galiani 36, 00191 Roma, Italia
Telephone: +39 06 687 57 17
Fax: +39 06 686 52 33
Working hours: 9:00 – 18:00
E-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected] 
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/vatican 

General information

Security level:

The level of security is high. Border and public order security is carried out by the so-called Swiss Guard — traditional ceremonial guard of the Holy See and the Pope, fire service and gendarmerie, which also plays the role of border police.
For those wishing to visit this place, which attracts tourists and pilgrims from all continents, it is important to know that access to it is strictly regulated and dependent on the purpose of the visit. The Vatican is first and foremost a functioning spiritual and political institution and free individual tourist walks around its small territory are impossible. Only the Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Basilica and the huge square in front of it are open for unlimited visits. Organized groups of visitors (mostly pilgrims) can also explore the famous Vatican Gardens. Access to the Vatican Library and the Secret Archives is also subject to specific requirements and rules.
Visitors to St. Peter's Square and St. Peter's Basilica are subjected to thorough screening with mobile specialized equipment and frames.


In addition to a special permit, one may also enter the Vatican City State with a prescription for medicines issued by any state, after registering with identity document, in which case access is limited to the Vatican pharmacy only. There are no hospitals on Vatican territory, except for one small outpatient clinic. By contrast, some of the largest hospitals in Rome and Italy are linked to the Vatican, operating under the Italian health system.

Practical advice:

The behaviour and dress of Bulgarian citizens must be in accordance with Christian-Catholic norms. Photography should not be taken in places where it is prohibited. Instructions on all signposts in temples, museums etc. must be followed.
In a new development, on 1 January 2018 the Pope banned the sale of cigarettes on Vatican property.
Letters and cards can be sent from the Vatican post office to the whole world, but only with the Vatican stamp.

Local currency:

Euro (EUR)

Climatic characteristics:

The climate is Mediterranean.

Travel papers and visas

A valid identity card or passport.

Competitive service

For all consular services, please contact the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome.

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