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Declaring cash

Declaring cash when travelling amounting to or exceeding 10 thousand euro. Fight against illegal money trafficking, money laundering respectively, and terrorism financing

When travelling within the EU

Since 15.07.2007 all EU member states have been applying a Directive for the movement of cash when entering or leaving an EU member state – adopted on 12.07.2005.

The Directive stipulates that passengers with cash of 10 thousand euro or more than 10 thousand euro (or the equivalence thereof in other currencies and checks) shall declare them to the customs authorities when entering or leaving the country. The customs authorities have the right to check the luggage and to expropriate undeclared amounts.

For greater efficiency we recommend that the customs declaration be filled in by the citizens in advance rather than during customs checks. The customs officials are available for clarifications for filling in the declaration if needed. The obligation to declare these amounts is aimed at preventing illegal money trafficking and at counteracting practices such as money laundering and terrorism financing.

For more detailed customs information please click HERE and HERE.

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