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Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Poland were established on December 30, 1918. After a temporary interruption during the Second World War, they were re-established on August 24, 1945.

The relations between Bulgaria and Poland are based on the historical closeness of the two nations, deep cultural ties and shared European values. In 2018 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Bulgarian-Polish diplomatic relations.

Poland is an important partner for Bulgaria in the field of trade and investment. There is potential for intensifying the trade and economic cooperation. Bilateral trade has been characterized by stable levels and sustainable growth in recent years. The trade turnover in 2020 amounts to €1,831 million, and in 2019 and 2018 - to €1,792 and €1,721 million, respectively. Polish investors are interested in energy (TPP) and small and medium enterprises.

Bulgaria is a traditional market for Polish tourists, the number of which has increased significantly in recent years. Most Polish tourists visit Bulgaria for its seaside resorts or for business. A Bulgarian Tourism Office was opened in March 2021 at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Warsaw in order to ensure a sustainable presence of Bulgaria as a tourism destination on the Polish market.

There are traditional fruitful contacts and active exchange in the field of culture, science and education between Bulgaria and Poland. The level of teaching of Bulgarian Studies in Poland, whose 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2016, is high. Poland consistently ranks first among EU countries in the number of graduates studying Bulgarian.

According to official data,  approximately 4 000 Bulgarian citizens reside in Poland. Several Bulgarian organizations have been registered in Poland, among which the Hristo Botev Cultural and Educational Society in Warsaw and the Friends of Bulgaria Association in Wroclaw. The Bulgarian School in Warsaw “Dora Gabe” has existed since 1972.

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