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Level 4: Termination warning throughout the country (except in case of extreme necessity)


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The Republic of Bulgaria does not have an Embassy in Jamaica. The country is serviced by the Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Havana, the Republic of Cuba

Address: 5-ta avenida No 6407, esquina a 66, Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de La Habana
Telephone: +537 204 67 66;
Out-of-hours hotline: +535 286 24 49
Working hours: Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:00
Opening hours of the Consular Office: Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:00
E-mail: [email protected] 
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/kuba

Embassy of Jamaica in Geneve (accredited to Bulgaria)

Address: 1202 Geneve, 23, Avenue de France
Telephone: +41 22 908 07 60, 731 57 80
Fax: +41 22 738 44 20
Working hours: 09:00 – 13:00; 14:30 – 17:30
E-mail: [email protected]

For further information and to enquire about any changes to the conditions set out in these recommendations, contact may also be made with:

Embassy of Jamaica in Berlin, Germany

Embassy of Jamaica in Germany
Address: Schmargendorfer Strasse32, 12159, Berlin
Telephone: +49 308599450; +49 3085994501
Fax: +49 3085994540

Embassy of Jamaica in Brussels, Belgium

Address: Avenue Hansen Soulie 77, 1040, Brussels, Begium,
Telephone: +322 230 1170; +322 230 1317; +322 230 4536
Fax: +322 234 6969

Consulate General of Jamaica in Paris, France

Address: 60 Avenue Foch, 75016, Paris
Telephone: +331 4500 6225
Fax: +331 4500 2063

Consulate General of Jamaica in Athens, Greece

Address: Dodekanisou 86, Petroupoli 13231, Athens
Telephone: +302 10505 3321
Fax: +302 10501 8206

Consulate General of Jamaica in Italy

Address: 1 Via G Sgambati, 00198, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 854 6626; +39 06 852 494
Fax: +39 06 840 80042

Consulate General of Jamaica in Madrid, Spain

Address: Martinez Lage & Asociados, Claudio Coello 37, 28001, Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 435 8483; +34 91 4264470
Fax: +34 91 577 3774

General information

Security level

In Jamaica, the level of crime and violence is quite high, especially in the capital, Kingston. Places with demonstrations should be avoided — they are often used by criminals to commit violent thefts and robberies. There are mobile police patrols, but measures should be taken to protect personal property. Avoid solitary walks in isolated places and beaches, especially in the dark hours of the day. Be vigilant when withdrawing money from ATMs. Do not carry large amounts of cash and jewellery.
Do not resist robbery.
In the event police assistance is needed, dial 911.


Travellers to Jamaica should take precautions against mosquito bites. There is a risk of infection with Dengue fever, as well as the Zika and Chikungunya viruses. With symptoms of illness, medical attention should be sought immediately.
The MFA recommends that travellers follow the advice of the Ministry of Health and the Bulgarian Red Cross to protect themselves against mosquito bites and infection with the Zika virus: http://www.redcross.bg/advice/zika.html .
The quality of medical services varies. Medical care can be expensive.

Specifics of the local legislation

Homosexual acts in Jamaica are illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Smoking marijuana is illegal. There are harsh penalties for all narcotics offences. Conditions in Jamaican prisons are harsh. Pack your own luggage and do not accept to carry things belonging to another person.

Road traffic

Vehicles in the country are driven in the left-hand lane. To rent a car, you must be at least 25 years old. Road accidents are frequent. Many of the roads are poorly maintained. Seat belts should be worn. You should exercise vigilance in traffic jams due to the danger of robberies.

Practical advice

The electricity is 110 V and is identical to the American standard.
The emergency numbers are 119 for police and 110 for ambulance.

Local currency

Jamaican dollar (JMD)
EUR 1 = JMD 165
USD 1 = JMD 155


The climate along the coast of Jamaica is tropical, with hot and humid weather, and cooler at higher elevations inland. The country lies in the Atlantic hurricane belt, as a result of which it is quite often hit by tropical storms and hurricanes.
Hurricane season is from June to November. It is advisable to monitor the information on http://severe.worldweather.org/ ; http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/  and https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tropical-cyclones .

Travel papers and visas

Bulgarian citizens need a visa to visit Jamaica for up to 30 days with the possibility of extending the stay up to 90 days. It costs USD 25.00. It can be issued on arrival in the country. Documents required to obtain a visa:

— 1 passport-size photo;
— a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry into the country;
— completed form;
— a paid fee of USD 25.00;
— a return ticket;
— proof of sufficient means of subsistence during the stay;

Remark: Changes are possible! It is recommended to check through a Jamaican diplomatic/consular mission before travel!

Travel by children under 18 years of age

In the case of travel by children under 18 years of age, proof of citizenship, valid travel documents and certified written consent (power of attorney) from one or both parents, as appropriate, must be provided.
An entry fee of USD 100 is payable on entry into the country. When leaving the country by air, there is an exit fee, which was changed from USD 20 to USD 35 on 1 June 2016.
In many cases, entry/exit fees are included in the cost of airline tickets, but this is not always the case for charter flights.
Cruise ship passenger fees are usually included in the cruise cost.
It is advisable to check for a change of fee through the airline/travel agency used and/or Jamaica's diplomatic mission.
You can also check the information at: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g147309 c151864/Jamaica:Caribbean:Departure.Tax.html  

Competitive service

Certifications and legalizations

In order to be valid in Bulgaria and to be able to serve before the Bulgarian institutions all documents issued by the authorities in Jamaica to Bulgarian citizens must bear the stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jamaica. Then, they need to be certified by the Embassy of Jamaica in Havana, Cuba. The signature and certifications of the Embassy of Jamaica in Havana shall be certified by the Consular Office of the Embassy of Bulgaria in the capital of Cuba.
Once the documents have been so prepared, they must be translated into Bulgarian by an authorized company in Bulgaria and certified by the Department of Certifications and Legalizations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.

European Emergency Travel Document

In case of emergency (lost passport), Bulgarian citizens can seek on-the-spot assistance from a diplomatic mission of any EU Member State to obtain an Emergency Travel Document.

Issuance of identity documents

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Cuba has been equipped with the biometric data equipment — fingerprints and photo which allows for the acceptance of applications for issuance of new passports, identity cards and driving licences.

The Consular Office of the Embassy in Havana accepts applications for an Emergency Travel Document.

Delivery of new ID documents abroad with DHL
The amount for the service (to the Bulgarian Embassy in Havana, Cuba) is BGN 101.53 or EUR 51.91, which is transferred to the following bank account or DHL branch:

For payment in EUR:

Beneficiary's IBAN No: BG40UNCR70001523563800.
Beneficiary’s Bank: UniCredit Bulbank AD
Beneficiary’s Bank Address: 7, Sveta Nedelya square, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

For payment in BGN:

Beneficiary's IBAN No: BG94UNCR70001523563798.
Beneficiary’s Bank: UniCredit Bulbank AD
Beneficiary’s Bank Address: 7, Sveta Nedelya square, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Your personal documents cannot be sent to any address other than that of the relevant overseas mission where the application was submitted.

As grounds for payment must be written:

BDS_name of the city_your name. Example: BDS_Havana_Ivan Ivanov
This is necessary in order for the payment to be recognised as your payment for sending prepared personal documents.

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