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Minister Kristian Vigenin conferred the "Golden Laurel Bough" award on Pierre Vimont

06 June 2014 News

Minister Kristian Vigenin conferred today the "Golden Laurel Bough" award on the Executive Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Pierre Vimont. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ highest honour is awarded for his significant contribution to the development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, as well as the construction of the EEAS.

The EU has achieved tremendous progress in developing the Common Foreign and Security Policy. The creation of the EEAS was the first step in this direction and I would like to welcome your personal efforts for its success, said Minister Vigenin at the official ceremony. He emphasized that it is an obligation of all Member States to continue supporting its future development. "In order to have a strong European Union, we must have a strong European External Action Service,” the Bulgarian Foreign Minister added.

This award is a great honor for me. I accept it as a recognition of the work of all my EEAS colleagues, said Pierre Vimont. He pointed out that the establishment of the service is an initiative of great significance and the work in this direction should continue. I am sure that my successor,and even the one after him will make positive contribution because a tradition that existed for 50 years cannot be changed in a day, added the Executive Secretary General of the European External Action Service.

If we want a strong EEAS, we must work together and follow clear policy guidelines, said Pierre Vimont. In his words, Bulgaria because of its geographical position and understanding of the processes in the region is a valued partner of the service. “Sharing of accurate information and exchange of expertise between Member States is what make the EEAS a strong actor on the international scene.”

"In this year of transition in which we are choosing new President of the European Commission and new High Representative, a new institutional balance is being formed and all Member States must share the responsibility in the formulation and implementation of the future priorities," said Pierre Vimont.

Today - four years after its creation, the EEAS is a modern foreign policy service, working in close cooperation with the diplomatic services of the Member States. A lot of work has been done, a lot of challenges remain. Especially today, in the aftermath of the elections for European parliament and the forthcoming election of new European Commission, including a new HR, said the Bulgarian Foreign Minister.

Kristian Vigenin expressed Bulgaria’s expectations that the new President of the Commission and the Commission as a whole will advocate the integrity and cohesion of the EU. We have to avoid fragmentation and institutional stalemate that will provide a negative signal and affect the citizens’ confidence, he added.

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