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Minister Genchovska: We will work for continuity in foreign policy and consistency in actions

13 December 2021 News

"When I enter the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I always feel respect, but especially today it is great, because it is respect for the people who work here. I assure you that I will do everything possible for them to continue to work calmly, to have continuity and consistency in action. I rely on the professionalism of the team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs." This was stated by the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska at a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the transfer of office by the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev.

Minister Teodora Genchovska announced that she will work in full openness to the public. Regular media briefings will be organized every month to provide information on what the ministry has done. Svetlan Stoev presented Minister Genchovska with a Strategic Review of the Diplomatic Service, expressing hope that the conclusions made in it will be used to increase the efficiency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Svetlan Stoev summarized the work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the two caretaker governments since he took office on May 12, 2021. Among the main achievements he pointed out the successfully organized elections abroad - twice for the National Assembly, as well as for President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Svetlan Stoev stressed on the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in organizing the vote abroad in unprecedented conditions of a coronavirus pandemic and short deadlines, thanking the Bulgarian communities abroad, who provided invaluable assistance in preparing the vote. Among other achievements, he highlighted the evacuation during the crisis in Afghanistan, the ongoing evacuations related to the COVID-19 pandemic of our compatriots abroad, as well as the intensification of negotiations with the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

"I can proudly say that thanks to the professional team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a result of the tireless work of our diplomatic missions, like the ones in Skopje, Brussels and other European countries, we have managed to change the view of many European countries regarding this bilateral dialogue.”, Svetlan Stoev said. Two tracks were worked on - bilateral with the Republic of Northern Macedonia and talks with our European partners. "In result,  from the object of the negotiations, we have become their subject. I cannot agree with some statements that Bulgarian diplomacy in those months was invisible or did not do its job", Svetlan Stoev said. He stressed that with regard to the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the caretaker government has maintained continuity in policy, and all its actions were within the Framework Position adopted by the Council of Ministers in 2019, supported by a declaration by the National Assembly.

Minister Teodora Genchovska also pointed out that in the Bulgarian position on the Republic of Northern Macedonia she will adhere to the Good Neighbourliness Agreement of 2017 and the declaration of the National Assembly.

She said that the current minister leaves a wonderful legacy and will always count on his help. Svetlan Stoev, for his part, thanked his colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his team for their exceptional professionalism and friendship and wished success to the new Minister: “I hope that in the next 4 years we will have a fruitful professional cooperation”, he said.

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