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The Bulgarian youth delegates to the UN reported on their activities

14 December 2021 News

Bulgarian youth delegates to the UN for 2020-2021 Kristiana Stoyanova and Todor Rogoshev presented the results of their work during the year, as well as the upcoming initiatives for 2022.

During an online briefing, the two youth delegates focused on an Art of Advocacy series of trainings, as well as their participation in a number of international meetings. In September, the young people were once again introduced to the UN General Assembly, with Christiana making a virtual address to the Third Committee. In it, she stressed the importance of effective youth and civic participation in the work of the UN. Possibilities for improving the work process of youth delegates during the coronavirus pandemic were also discussed.

The young people also spoke about their participation in the 59th session of the Commission on Social Development (CSD) of ICOSOS, which was held this year in a virtual format.

For the first time, UN delegates were also invited to attend a summit of the Friends of Children Group and the Sustainable Development Goals, attended by the Executive Director of UNICEF and a number of ambassadors.

The Director of the UN and Development Cooperation Directorate, Valeri Yotov, who also took part in the virtual discussion, praised the activities of the two youth delegates. "I believe that the young people are the ones who will take seriously the implementation of the goals of sustainable development, contributing to the field of volunteering, a work that brings inner satisfaction for a better, fairer world for all", Mr. Yotov said. He added that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives and Chairman of the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly Abdullah Shahid, who visited Bulgaria earlier this year, has shown great interest in the activities of Bulgarian youth delegates. He was also interested in the initiative, which allows for the independent involvement of youth delegates in the work of the UN, in the preparation of documents, resolutions, etc.

During the discussion, the newly elected youth delegates Kristina Mincheva, Maria Badeva and Angel Mitkov presented details about the beginning of their term 2021-2022, as well as talked about their two-month introductory training. Angel Mitkov took office in September as one of the selected reserves during the competition, replacing Kristina, who voluntarily resigned, due to developments in her studies abroad, after several months of participating in the program.

On behalf of the United Nations Association in Bulgaria, the young people thanked for the long-term support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Development Cooperation Directorate for the Bulgarian Youth Delegates to the UN program.

The Bulgarian Youth Delegates to the UN program was launched in 2006 and is one of the longest running and most successful programs of this kind at the global level. It was organized by the United Nations Association in Bulgaria with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through it, Bulgaria ranks among the leading countries in the world and Europe, which recognize young people as an equal partner in decision-making processes at national and international level.

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