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Advisory to the Bulgarian Nationals Traveling to or Staying in Italy and China

17 March 2020

In view of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria has raised the risk index of travel to Italy to Level 4: Advisory to Suspend All Travel to the Entire Country (unless extremely necessary). This measure is in connection with the restrictive measures imposed by a decree of Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.
The restrictive measures, which had earlier been imposed for the Lombardy Region and the remaining 14 regions of the so-called “Red Zone,” will now apply to the entire territory of Italy. The decree of 8 March 2020 allows travel only for work-related or health reasons or for family emergencies.
All ski resorts have been closed because of frequent violations of the mandatory one-meter distance. Bars and restaurants will close at 6 pm everywhere in Italy. Sports events, including Serie A football games, have been canceled. The new measures enter into effect today, 10 March 2020, and will be valid through 3 April.
Slovene Prime Minister Marjan Sarec has meanwhile ordered the closure of Slovenia’s border with Italy. Only trucks will be allowed through. This measure is similar to Austria’s earlier decision to close its borders. This means that travel by road from Italy to Bulgaria using the most direct routes is practically impossible.
At present, there is no information of interruptions to Italy’s ferry links with Albania, Greece, and Malta. The Bulgarian Embassy in Rome is in constant touch with the local authorities and is monitoring the situation. Our mission’s staff will examine all options for leaving the country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide information of these.
In view of the current situation with the spread of the coronavirus 2019-nCoV epidemic, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised the risk index for travel to China to the highest level, Level 5. There is an advisory to suspend all travel and immediately leave the country.
Our Embassy in Beijing and the Consulate General in Shanghai are ready to provide assistance to our compatriots as needed.
Bulgarians can contact our missions abroad using the following phone numbers:
- Bulgarian Embassy in Rome: +39 06 322 46 40; +39 06 322 46 43. Outside business hours call: + 39 06 322 46 40; + 39 06 322 46 43.
- Consulate General in Milan: +39 02 849 429 02. Outside business hours call: +39 33 37 826 043.
Bulgarian Embassy in Beijing: +86 10 6532 19 46; +86 10 6532 19 16.
Consulate General in Shanghai: +86-21-6237-6183; +86-21-6237-6187.

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