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Bulgaria supports the efforts to restore the constitutional order in Mali

18 January 2013 News

Regarding the situation in the Republic of Mali, Foreign Minister Nickolay Mladenov said:

I am deeply concerned about the situation in Mali. Terrorist and fundamentalist groups that have taken control in the northern part of the country are threatening not only the country as a whole but also the security of neighbouring countries. In view of the danger of further destabilisation of the region, Bulgaria supports the efforts by France to secure stability in the country in the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 2085. France’s actions are necessary because the civilian population must be protected and the humanitarian crisis ended. To this end, it is important to improve the co-ordination between humanitarian actions and military support.

We support the efforts of the EU and the countries of West Africa which are supporting the lawful government of the Republic of Mali, including through military, financial and humanitarian assistance, to quickly restore the territorial integrity and constitutional order of the country.

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