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Recommendations for Bulgarian citizens traveling to Germany, Poland and Denmark

05 December 2013

The meteorological services in Northern Europe are warning of strong storm that will cause disruptions of the traffic, floods, heavy snowfalls, rise of the North Sea level with wave heights up to 3 meters.

In the northern and central parts of Germany and in the mountains strong winds and snowfall may occur.  Hamburg is expected to be worst affected by the weather conditions. The airport warns the  passengers of possible delays and flight cancellations. In the indicated  areas of the country, a code red is issued.

A strong, gusty wind with a speed of 50 km/h to 130 km/h have been registered in the areas of Pomerania and West Pomerania in Poland. The warning code red for these areas is in force until December 7, 2013 inclusive.

In addition, the Danish Meteorological Institute (www.dmi.dk) issued a warning about the approaching “ Bodil ” storm from the UK that will affect the whole Denmark, with a directional spread from west to east. In the southwestern part of the country winds may reach 23-18 m/s, and in the northwestern 35-40 m/s.

Code orange is in force for the whole country in the next 24 hours. Changes in the schedules of a number of long-distance and local trains are announced, as many runs are canceled and will be replaced by buses. There are changes and cancellations in the schedule of trains serving Copenhagen Airport " Kastrup " and also in ferry services to the island of Bornholm.

In connection with the complicated weather conditions in Northern Europe, the MFA of the Republic of Bulgaria recommends that the Bulgarian citizens  avoid traveling to the specified areas of the three countries, or to travel with extreme caution.

The recommendation applies also to other parts of Northern Europe. Citizens can follow the current weather conditions on the website - http://www.meteoalarm.eu/


Federal Republic of Germany
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Berlin

Address: Mauerstrasse 11, 10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 201 0922; +49 30 201 0923; +49 30 201 0924; +49 30 201 0925; +49 30 201 0926
Fax: +49 30 208 68 38
Е-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/germany

Republic of Poland
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Poland
: Al. Ujazdowskie 33/35, 00-540 Warszawa / Poland
Tel.: +48 22 629 40 71; +48 22 629 40 72; +48 22 629 40 73; +48 22 629 40 74; +48 22 629 40 75
Fax: +48 22 628 22 71
Duty contact number after working hours: + 48 22 629 40 71/72
Е-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/poland

Kingdom of Denmark
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of Denmark

Address: Gamlehave Alle 7, 2920 Charlottenlund, Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark
Tel.: +45 39 64 24 84; +45 39 63 38 72 
Duty contact number after working hours: +45 41 276251
Working hours: Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 4.30 pm
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/denmark

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