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Bulgarian citizens to refrain from any travel to Libya

18 November 2013

According to the information from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Tripoli there are escalating tensions in recent days between the security forces and the armed militia. As a result of the armed clashes, it is reported that there are dead and injured civilians. A three-day mourning is being announced.

In connection with these circumstances, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends the Bulgarian citizens to refrain from any travel to the country, except in case of extreme and urgent need.

The areas with the highest degree of conflict are expected to be the following:

-   Coastal areas of the border with Tunisia to Misrata including Tripoli and the towns of  Jabal Nafusa;

-   Coastal areas of Ras Lanuf, Egyptian border, except Benghazi Derna.

 Bulgarians who are currently in the country are recommended not to leave their place of permanent residence, and if movement in the settlements is necessary, to avoid areas where demonstrators gather and protest.

MFA urges the Bulgarian nationals residing in Libya to register with the Embassy and leave their address and phone number. Registration can be done by phone or through the e-mail of the Embassy;

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Tripoli , Libya:
Address : Dahra, Madinet El Hadeek-Mohamed Farid St., Post No 10.40.219.
Tel . : +218 213346630 , +218 213346631 , +218 213346632
Fax: +218 213346633
Duty contact number after working hours: +218 912202699
Working hours: 8:30 - 04:30 pm
E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/libya

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