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No Bulgarians injured in the freight train accident in Lac-Megantic, Canada

08 July 2013

The Embassy in Ottawa says that the result of checks are that at this time, there is no information that any Bulgarian citizens have been injured as a result of the derailment of a freight train on July 6 2013 in the town of Lac-Megantic in the province of Quebec. The train was carrying crude oil and the derailment resulted in four tanks igniting, followed by powerful explosions over the ensuing 24 hours. More than 30 buildings have been destroyed. Police have confirmed that three people are dead and it is likely that more victims will be found given that the location where the accident occurred tends to be busy. Authorities so far have evacuated more than 2000 people from the area.

The Embassy is maintaining regular contact with the local authorities and will issue an update when receiving further information.

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