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Information regarding travelling by motor vehicle in the Republic of Slovenia

01 April 2013

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds drivers passing through the territory of the Republic of Slovenia that their vehicles must have vignettes to use toll motorways and expressways. Vignettes can be bought at all border crossings and fuel stations throughout the country, as well as in neighbouring countries, including in the region of the former border crossings with Italy, Hungary and Austria. The price depends on the period of validity: 15 euro for a week, 30 euro for a month and 95 euro for a year (for vehicles up to a maximum weight of 3.5 tons). The vignettes that came into use from February 2013 are a light blue-green colour. Information about the vignette stickers may be found at the website of the Republic of Slovenia motorway company, DARS: http://www.dars.si/Dokumenti/Toll/Methods_of_payment/Vehicles_up_to_35_t/Vignette_308.aspx

DARS and Customs Administration mobile patrols carry out checks on motor vehicles and in the event of breaches of the law, the fine is up to 300 euro. Fifty per cent of the fine must be paid within the first eight days after it was imposed. The documents issued by DARS contain the “legal instruction” which explains whether the fine may be appealed and at which body the appeal may be lodged. In the event of refusal or inability to pay the fine on the spot, DARS will confiscate personal documents.

Information on current traffic conditions in Slovenia can be found on the English-language version of the website of the road information centre for state roads: http://www.promet.si/portal/en/1traffic-conditions.aspx. This has a map of areas closed for repairs.

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