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Severe winter conditions in Slovenia, 15-16 January 2013

15 January 2013

The Road Information centre at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of Slovenia has announced that until further notice, two-way movement of trucks has been suspended at Pomurska, Štajerska highways and at Dolenjskahighway, at the border crossing between Croatia and Slovenia. At Bregana checkpoint, there is a queue of cars more than eight km long waiting on the Croatian side. Because of accidents involving commercial lorries and strong wind, half of the Primorska highway in closed, in the direction of the Adriatic city of Koper (Nanos-Senožeče).

Heavy snowfall was expected to continue until January 16.

The Republic of Slovenia’s highway company (DARS dd) advises people to drive only in cases of extreme necessity.

A map showing the closed sections of the highway can be downloaded from: http://www.promet.si/portal/en/1traffic-conditions.aspx

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