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New Dawn in the History of Egypt and the Near East

11 February 2011 News

After the resignation of the Egyptian President, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Nickolay MLADENOV said:

“Today the Egyptian people opened a new page in the proud history of their country. After weeks of peaceful protests, the people of Egypt regained their human and civic rights that had been denied to them for decades. By resigning President Hosni MUBARAK took the right decision – to clear the way for substantial reforms that can guarantee the social, political and economic demands of the Egyptian people. The first priority now must be to open national dialogue that can lead to a government, capable of guaranteeing rule of law, the protection of human rights and the holding of free elections. In the days to come the army will play a key role in guaranteeing the peaceful transition to a democratic civil society.

I hope that Egyptian society will have the strength to prove that democracy, economic and social progress, as well as stability in the Middle East can go hand-in-hand.  

Egypt was the first Arab country to lay the foundations of a peace process in the region. The achievements of the Egyptian people of today must be safeguarded through political will and wisdom in the name of stability and a just peace in the Middle East.”

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