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On the occasion of the signing of the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo on the normalisation of relations, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson said

22 April 2013 News

Bulgaria welcomes the agreement reached between Serbia and Kosovo. The initialling of the agreement is a crowning end to a tense and difficult negotiation process that was followed with care and understanding by Bulgaria.

This agreement is an expression of political courage and vision of the Prime Ministers of both countries, who have orientated themselves to the realities and to the future.

Bulgaria wants to pay tribute to the tireless efforts by Catherine Ashton to find a solution mutually acceptable to both Serbia and Kosovo.

The agreements achieved will be important for security and stability in South Eastern Europe. They open the way to further reconciliation, co-operation and progress in fulfilling the European perspective of the whole region.

We believe that Serbia and Kosovo will meet the criteria necessary for starting negotiations on European integration: Serbia, towards EU membership, and Kosovo, towards the conclusion of the Stabilisation and Association Process. Bulgaria, as an EU member, will support the development of an ambitious agenda for both countries in 2013.

Of course, the signing of the agreement is the first step in the process of normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo. It is of historical significance. There remains, however, the no less important process of approval of the agreement on the basis of national procedures, and its practical application. Bulgaria believes that Serbia and Kosovo will act responsibly and constructively regarding these stages in the development of their relationship.

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