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Stefan Dimitrov accepted the post of Foreign Minister from Mariya Gabriel

09 April 2024 News

Stefan Dimitrov, the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the caretaker government, took over from Mariya Gabriel at a ceremony held this morning at the Foreign Ministry.

‘I accepted this challenge as a moment of professional responsibility that every single person, no matter where they work, has to take on. I love the job and I am convinced that with you we will achieve what is most important at the moment and what is expected of us, naturally continuing to work on the main thing, which is to organise again at our level the upcoming elections’, Minister Dimitrov addressed the ministry's officials who attended the ceremony. He thanked Mariya Gabriel for the results achieved in the last 9 months in foreign policy and underlined the unified approach in the implementation of the objectives and priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In her speech to the Foreign Ministry staff, Mariya Gabriel thanked them for their teamwork. ‘Thank you for these months of very intense work, of very strong moments, of excitement for Bulgaria, of excitement for Europe and the world. I think that with you we have shown something more — that Bulgaria is not only a follower and a witness of the events. Bulgaria can be proactive and set a direction’, Gabriel said and underlined that our country still has a lot of potential to show the whole diversity of its expertise, history and culture. ‘Continue to stand up for the fundamental principles as Bulgarians and make us proud that Bulgaria is active on the European and world stage’, Mariya Gabriel concluded.

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