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Prime Minister Marin Raykov met with representatives of the Bulgarian Cultural Club – Skopje

11 April 2013 News
Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Marin Raykov met on April 11 2013 with representatives of the Bulgarian Cultural Club – Skopje. In the course of the conversation, issues discussed included those related to the human rights situation in the Republic of Macedonia, the media environment in the context of the issue of good-neighbourly relations, as well as accession to the EU.

The Prime Minister also stated to the representatives of the Macedonian Bulgarians his position on the report published by the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the Republic of Macedonia. According to Mr Raykov, the most important aspect was that the European Parliament called for a historic reconciliation among the population groups in the republic, including those citizens who identify themselves as Bulgarians, of whom there are not a few. “In this European report, once again the importance of good neighbourliness as a criterion for the door to be opened to Skopje for negotiations is emphasised,” the Prime Minister said.

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