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The local employee of our embassy in Kabul and his family visited the historical landmarks in Sofia

05 October 2021 News

The local employee of our embassy in Kabul Amruddin Hakshenas and his family, who were evacuated to Bulgaria with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the central part of Sofia and the main historical landmarks in our capital during a tour organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They expressed heartfelt gratitude for the attention and assistance provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Amruddin Hakshenas is the first Afghan citizen to be evacuated by the country in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers adopted on 26th August 2021 to accept a total of 70 Afghan citizens and their families who worked at our embassy or were in official relations with the EU, NATO or with EU and NATO structures in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to support Amruddin Hakshenas in our country within its competences.

He was appointed to our diplomatic mission in Kabul in 1981. Thanks to his efforts, the property of the Bulgarian state in Kabul was protected during critical moments in the development of Afghanistan in the last 30 years. Therefore, in 2003 he was awarded and with the highest award of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for foreign citizens "Golden Laurel Branch".

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