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Deputy Minister Lyutskanov opened the meeting of the Interinstitutional Coordination Mechanism for the accession of Bulgaria to the OECD

02 June 2020 Events and Discussions

The Interinstitutional Coordination Mechanism (ICM) for preparation of Bulgaria for accession to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) discussed the stage of preparation at which our country is.

The Interinstitutional coordination mechanism met today at its first meeting this year at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was attended by Deputy Ministers and representatives of relevant institutions and agencies directly involved in the preparation of our country in individual areas.

“Thank you for accepting the invitation to the first ICM meeting of this year. We believe that it was important to see each other and discuss the stage of preparation for accession to the OECD that we are at. We managed to create a good base and framework for our work on joining this global economic organisation, on which we consistently build and intensify our future efforts,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Milen Lyutskanov, who opened the meeting.

The participants discussed the draft Roadmap for the activities for the period 2021-2023 in preparation for accession to the OECD, including the commitment of appropriate financial resources for this period. The aim is to synchronize the presentation of the structure and logic of the Action Plan, as a continuation of the one developed jointly with the OECD in 2019. The planned actions are related to the development of cooperation with the OECD in over 20 main areas.

Issues related to taking the next steps for the participation of our country in the OECD Digital Economy Policy Committee (CDEP) and for addressing some of the main recommendations of the Organisation in this area were also discussed.

Deputy Minister Lyutskanov expressed confidence that with the progress of our country in recent years in preparing for OECD membership, for which Bulgaria has been working consistently, we can expect to receive an invitation to start negotiations, hoping that this will happen as soon as possible.

Deputy Minister Lyutskanov thanked those present for the excellent cooperation and for the active work of all ministries and state agencies, thanks to which we have made progress in important areas. He in particular noted Bulgaria’s forthcoming accession to the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, as well as the advanced phase of accession to the Liberalisation codes, and the ongoing Economic and Investment reviews of Bulgaria, which are carried out by the OECD.

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