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I plan a trip abroad. What can you tell me about the situation in the country and whether to take the trip?

Varied general information about different countries around the world is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can find it in the "Travel Assistant" section by selecting the desired destination. Here you can learn the facts about:

  • coordinates of the Bulgarian Embassy in the country / if any / or the coordinates of the nearest Embassy of Bulgaria in the area which you can contact in case of need;
  • general information about the country: local currency, level of security and crime rate, customs requirements, traffic, health care, climate;
  • documents that you need to travel to this country: passport / ID card, visa requirements, vaccinations required.
  • general practical advice to travelers;
  • types of consular services provided by the Bulgarian embassy, if any.

At the beginning of the information about each country there is a scale of five levels of risk, which will give you an idea of the current situation in the country and of the existence of certain risks that could threaten your trip.

There is a security risk in every trip. Everybody should make their own decision whether to take the trip, regardless of any potential risk. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not responsible for your decision to travel.

During your stay abroad we recommend you to constantly monitor the latest developments in the country.

Information about changes in the current situation can be found on the website of the Ministry, in the Situation Centre section, Communications of the Situation Centre subsection, as well as in the Consular Services section, Consular Messages subsection.

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