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Celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria - the 3rd of March, at the Bulgarian Cultural Club in Midrand

06 March 2024 News

On Sunday, the 3rd of March, Ambassador Maria Pavlova and the Staff of the Bulgarian Embassy took part in the celebrations of the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria - the 3rd of March, at the Bulgarian Cultural Club in Midrand. The event, organized by the Association of the Bulgarians in South Africa gathered considerable number of people - members of the Bulgarian community in Gauteng.

Reverend Yonko Ivanov conducted a solemn prayer on the festive occasion.

Ambassador Maria Pavlova addressed our compatriots, highlighting the liberation of Bulgaria and the restoration of the Bulgarian statehood as an act, which proved the political maturity of our people and its clearly expressed desire for national independence. The Ambassador pointed out that a foundation for the Bulgarian freedom had ben built during the Bulgarian Renaissance by the joint efforts of teachers, church leaders, the creators of the Bulgarian Exarchy and the Bulgarian national revolutionaries. 

The Ambassador emphasized the importance of the Sunday school for fostering patriotism and strengthening the Bulgarian self-awareness among those of our compatriots, who live tens of thousands of kilometers away from their fatherland. She thanked the Bulgarian Association for their tireless efforts to preserve the Bulgarian customs, traditions, language and culture amongst the Bulgarians on the territory of South Africa.

The program for the day included poetry recitals and a festive concert performed by the children from the Bulgarian Sunday School "Sluncho".

The photo exhibition "Fragrances from Bulgaria", curated by the State Cultural Institute was on display as well.

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