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Cultural events with Bulgarian participation

20 April 2018 News

Two cultural events with Bulgarian participation took place during the period of 05.04.2018 – 17.04.2018. From 5 April until 12 April the 1st Pyongyang International Vocal Competition was held in Pyongyang’s “Moranbong” Theatre. Mrs. Elitsa Zheleva from the Sofia Opera and Mr. Bozhidar Bozhkilov took part in the Competition. Participants from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Armenia and the from the host country, DPRK also took part.

The certificate for the first prize awarded to the DPRK Opera Signer Kim Gyon Nam was given by the DPRK Minister of Culture Pak Chun Nam.

On 11 April 2018, the 31st April Spring Friendship Art Festival was opened. The Festival continued until 17 April 2018 in various venues around the capital Pyongyang. The Bulgarian Opera Signers, Mrs. Irina Zhekova, from the Opera of Varna and Mr. Stefan Petkov, from the “Stefan Makedonski” musical theatre arrived for the festival. During some of the performances the two Bulgarian signers were joined by both Mrs. Zheleva and Mr. Bozhkilov who took part in the festival after the conclusion of the vocal competition. Typical for the festival was the strong international participation from various countries including France, Portugal, Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia and others.

We wish Elitza, Bozhidar, Irina and Stefan all the best in their future endeavours and look forward to seeing them again be it in Pyongyang, Sofia or in different parts of the world!

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