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Dear visitors,

Welcome to the new web page of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Seoul, Republic of Korea!

I feel honored and privileged that I assumed my duties as an Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Republic of Korea in November 2012 in times when the relations between the EU and Republic of Korea entered a new stage. Over the last two years, since 2010, we have seen an important upgrading of our relations with the declaration of strategic partnership between the EU and ROK and with the signature of two landmark agreements: the Framework Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement. In this regard, I would like to focus my efforts on the contribution of the Bulgarian side to the maximum extent possible towards strengthening the strategic partnership and implementing the free trade agreement. I am convinced that the Korean market offers significant growth potential for Bulgarian export-oriented manufacturers. In my work as a Bulgarian Ambassador to Republic of Korea I would like to work actively for the expansion of the bilateral trade, an increase and diversification of Bulgarian exports and to promote Bulgaria as an attractive investment & tourism destination as well as a hub for logistics and innovation in the region of Southeastern Europe. I would also stress the value of the joint initiatives in the fields of culture, education and science & technology for laying a solid foundation for practical cooperation between Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Korea.

Both countries share important fundamental values of democracy, market economy and protection of human rights. That is the main reason why the political dialogue between both countries is very intensive, especially in the recent years.

Bulgaria attaches great importance to maintaining stability in the region of Northeast Asia and reducing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. My country continues to support international efforts and dialogue aimed at achieving a nuclear free Korean Peninsula.

Republic of Korea is an increasingly influential actor on the global political arena. Its active diplomacy in international forums makes it an important player in developing new paradigms on important issues from non-proliferation of the weapons for mass destruction to green growth and development. The country plays a very positive role in fostering regional economic cooperation in East Asia. 

In conclusion, I would like to invite you to visit more often our web page in order to get more information about the latest developments in the relations between Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Korea.

Sincerely Yours,

Petar Andonov

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to Republic of Korea

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