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Bilateral Relations

Bulgaria and Canada are allies and partners united by common values and shared commitments to strengthening regional and global peace and security, and promoting a rules-based international order. Bulgaria attaches great importance to developing its relationship with Canada. During the last years the roots of this partnership have been reinforced by our joint efforts to establish structured political dialogue and to encourage strong people-to-people ties.

The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and Canada were established on June 30, 1966. The Embassy of Bulgaria Embassy in Ottawa was opened in 1967. The Bulgarian Consulate General in Toronto was opened in 1976. Following the democratic changes in Eastern Europe, Canada's interest in the region is growing. Our relationship has been rapidly evolving in recent years. Complex, long-standing issues, such as lifting the visa regime have been resolved.

The two countries enjoy mutually beneficial economic and trade relations. Bulgaria consistently supported EU – Canada negotiations led to the conclusion of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Strategic Cooperation Agreement (SPA). Bilateral trade volume between Bulgaria and Canada has increased in the last few years and we will work to uphold this trend. There is a significant potential in the sphere of investments, as well as for deepening trade and economic relations between our two countries.

Bulgaria and Canada enjoy strong people-to-people ties. The vibrant Bulgarian community in Canada is an important factor for our thriving partnership. The visa-free travel regime established on 1 December 2017 opened up further opportunities for people-to-people contacts, business and tourism links between Bulgaria and Canada. The bilateral cultural exchange is constantly intensifying. New efforts have been made to promote Bulgarian education and culture through a series of cultural events, celebrations, concerts, and participation in various festivals. Bulgaria has Social Security Agreement signed with Canada, in force since 2014. In the fall of 2019 a Social Security Agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Province of Quebec was also signed, which entered in force on September 1, 2020. Both agreements represent a sound basis for building strong business relationships and for stimulating investments.

Bulgaria has two Honorary Consuls on the territory of Canada – in Montreal (province of Quebec), and Richmond (province of British Columbia).

Canada does not have a diplomatic representation in Bulgaria. The Embassy of Canada to Romania is accredited for the Republic of Bulgaria.

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