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Türkiye, Istanbul, Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria

The situation in Istanbul and travel advice to Bulgarian citizens

10 July 2013 News

The situation in Istanbul yesterday, July 8 2013, was again tense. In the late afternoon and evening, police special forces again used teargas, water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse those who had gathered near Taksim Square, Gezi Park and Istiklal Street, citizens who were demonstrating peacefully. In the clashes, children and passersby were injured.

Currently, there is an increased police presence in Taksim Square and nearby areas. The protesters are expected to continue their attempts to hold peaceful demonstrations.

Regarding this situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Bulgarian citizens who have to travel to Istanbul or who are already in the city to avoid moving around, especially in the late afternoon and evening hours, in the central parts of the Beyoglu area, near Taksim Square and Gezi Park as well as other places where there are mass gatherings of people.

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