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About us

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Abuja! 

Here we publish up-to-date all-encompassing information related to the Bulgaria-Nigeria bilateral relations, consular services provided by the Embassy and events organized under the aegis of our diplomatic mission.  

In 2022, we celebrate the 58th Anniversary of Bulgaria-Nigeria bilateral diplomatic relations.  My country is proud of the results achieved within this significant period of time branded by remarkable friendship and cooperation. In particular, Bulgaria has given the opportunity to more than 4000 Nigerian citizens to graduate Bulgarian universities and has provided assistance to Nigeria by having constructed hundreds of buildings and facilities, by having lent a hand to the development of mining industry, by having contributed to health and education systems, and to creation and conservation of a number of national parks.   

Building upon these results, Bulgaria-Nigeria relations continue to be oriented to even more active political dialogue at all levels, further development of business contacts and trade and economic ties, deepening of the cooperation in education, agriculture, and technologies of the future such as FinTech, IT research, Agri-tech, etc. 

Bulgaria’s efforts are also focused on contributing to a strategic and comprehensive partnership in the mutual interest of the EU and Nigeria, in particular in the areas where EU-Nigeria high-level political dialogues are anticipated - climate change, trade and investment, social development, digitalization, renewable energy, research and innovation, blue economy, agriculture, humanitarian assistance, migration and mobility, etc.

Since both, our bilateral agenda and EU-Nigeria high-level dialogue, are looking into the future we are confident that in few years' time, when we will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Bulgaria-Nigeria diplomatic relations, our cooperation will have become even more result-oriented and will have led to even more significant achievements for the benefit of Bulgaria-Nigeria friendship.

Currently, the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Abuja is also accredited to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, to the Republic of Benin, to the Republic of Ghana and to the Republic of Congo and he is also appointed as Representative to the Economic Community of West African States. Correspondingly, events and developments that are taking place within Bulgaria’s cooperation with these countries as well as with ECOWAS are forming part of the information published on this website.    



Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Federal Republic of Nigeria

with concurrent accreditation to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea,

to the Republic of Benin, to the Republic of Ghana and to the Republic of Congo;

Representative to the Economic Community of West African States  

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