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China, Beijing, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Beijing marks the Student’s day together with the Chinese students majoring in “Bulgarian studies” and their Bulgarian peers

11 December 2023 News

On December 8, 2023, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Beijing opened its doors to celebrate the Student’s day. Mr. Ivaylo Iordanov, Charge d’Affaires a.i. and the staff of the Embassy welcomed with a cocktail students and teachers, majoring in "Bulgarian studies", from three universities in China, where the Bulgarian language is studied - "Beijing University for Foreign Studies", "Second Beijing University" and "Tianjin University for Foreign Studies", as well as for their Bulgarian peers. Guests of the event were about 70 students and teachers, for whom a photo exhibition was organized with remarkable places in Bulgaria, together with an ethno-spot, with a reenactment of Bulgarian customs, culture and craftsmanship.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Iordanov thanked the students for their dedication, consistency, will and persistence in their studies and expressed the hope that these virtues will continue to contribute to the preservation of the love for knowledge and the centuries-old Bulgarian cultural traditions, as well as that they will be a good basis for building a lasting bridge of friendship between our two peoples.

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