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About us

Welcome to the web page of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Beijing, People’s Republic of China!

The mission of the Embassy is to consolidate and deepen our traditionally close bilateral diplomatic relations, with over 70-years history. Throughout all these years Bulgaria and China preserved a stable and consistent partnership, which despite the course of the history has maintained its friendly spirit and on this basis, in 2019, the bilateral relations were upgraded to а level of "Strategic Partnership".

Here you can find helpful information about our work and mission and become familiar with the millennial history of the Bulgarian state, with its present-day achievements, the unique culture and traditions, and the remarkable beauty of the Bulgarian mountains, plains and beaches, as well as useful consular and trade and economic guidance.

The team of the Embassy is at your avail for inquiries, comments and recommendations. We hope to contribute together to the development of the mutually beneficial bilateral relations between Bulgaria and China.

With best wishes,

Thank you for visiting our web page!


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