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Welcome to visit the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Pakistan,


I sincerely hope that the information given in it will be useful for all those who are interested in the development  of the relations  between Bulgaria and Pakistan throughout the years  and that it will contribute for the enhancement of the contacts between our two people in trade , economic area, cultural field, tourism etc.


The diplomatic relations  between  our two countries were established   in 1965 and the Bulgarian Embassy was opened in 1968. All throughout these years this relations has improved gradually despite of the geographical distance between our two countries and of the fact of belonging to different historical and cultural heritage. The present stage of the relations between Bulgaria and Pakistan are based on the traditionally high level of understanding  in political, trade, economic areas and effective cooperation within the international organizations. Both our countries are willing to expand and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation aimed for the intensification of the political dialoque, boosting legal frame work, creating favourable conditions for the enhancement of the economic cooperation, the trade and investments between them and  for which exists unutilized good potential.  In this respect Bulgaria is ready to play its part in the development of Pakistan and will welcome any efforts to look for new approaches for mutually beneficial cooperation and for the broadening of the ties with Pakistan in various fields.  In January 2011 an intergovermental Agreement on Economic Cooperation between our two countries was signed in Islamabad which envisages the establishment of Joint Bulgarian Pakistani Commission on Economic cooperation and without doubt the trade relations and economic  ties between the two countries would grow further in the years to come.


Our people have expressed an earnest wish to enhance their friendship and I believe that Bulgaria and Pakistan will work more closely in the future to push forward our bilateral relation and strengthen our coordination and cooperation in the international affairs.


I wish for the long lasting friendship between Bulgarian and Pakstani people.


Roumen Pirontchev

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


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