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Response of The Embassy of Bulgaria in Athens, Greece to AMNA

05 August 2023 News

In reply to your inquiry, the Embassy of Bulgaria has the following comment:

The person in question has been detained immediately after his illegal act at the port of Kavala by the Greek police authorities. After his detention and police interrogation, he has been released under certain conditions. Defying these conditions, the person has travelled by car to the Greek-Bulgarian border. The Bulgarian police authorities at the border crossing Ilinden-Exohi have detained him and he has been subject to police interrogation. After the police interrogation has been carried out, he was released pending possible further police or other procedures.

It should be noted also that the person in question has been previously convicted in Bulgaria for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The said person’s behavior during his stay in Kavala is totally regrettable and in complete dissonance with the excellent and good neighborly relations between Bulgaria and Greece as two members of the European Union.

The Embassy of Bulgaria in Athens

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