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Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Budapest, Hungary

The Embassy is launching a procedure for the sale of two cars

21 July 2021 News


Pursuant to Art. 61 and Art. 64 of SPL, Art. 69 of implementing regulations to SPL, in connection with Section II, Art. 5 from Ordinance № 7 of 14.11.1997 about sale of possessions - private state property and Art. 4, a.7 of the Internal rules for the order and the manner of use of vehicles in the foreign representations of the Republic of Bulgaria approved by Order 95-00-99/12.02.2018 signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and permission № 55-67-28/09.02.2021 signed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and order № 38/15.07.2021 of the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Hungary:

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Budapest is launching a procedure for the sale of two cars by holding a secret bidding auction for the following cars:


Brand and model

Year of manufacture


Initial bidding price

Participation deposit


Car - benzene


Peugeot 607

2006 г.

172 161 км

377 000 HUF

37 700



Car – diesel /minibus/

Toyota Hiace

1999 г.

136 611 км

650 000 HUF

65 000



The auction will be held on August 23, 2021.

Inspection of the cars can be done at 1016 Budapest, 2A Szirtes Str., on 26.07.2021, 02.08.2021 and 09.08.2021 from 11.00 to 12.00 hours. The cars are offered only for external inspection without warranty.

Anyone who wish to participate in the auction should pay a deposit for participation by bank transfer to the account of the embassy in MKB Bank, IBAN HU 92 1030 0002 5011 5002 7100 3289, by 17.00 hours on 20.08.2021.

The price proposals for the purchase of a car has to be submitted in a sealed envelope at the address: 1062 Budapest, 115 Andrássy Str., by 17.00 hours on August 20, 2021.

The price proposals of the participants are opened by a committee in their presence at 14.00 hours on 23.08.2021 at the Bulgarian Embassy address: 1062 Budapest, 115 Andrássy Str.

The bidder who offers the highest price is declared the winner of the auction. When two or more candidates offer the same price the committee shall determine the winner by drawing a lot between the equal bidders. The committee designated for conducting the auction will draw up an auction protocol in three copies.

The results of the auction will be announced by 12.00 hours on 24.08.2021 at the entrance of the Embassy at 1062 Budapest, 115 Andrássy Str.

The winner of the auction has to pay the offered price within 3 workdays from the date of announcing the results of the auction to the bank account of the Embassy in MKB Bank, HU 92 1030 0002 5011 5002 7100 3289. All costs of the following transfer of the cars are to be borne by the respective buyer.

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