The initiative "Strategic cooperation between Bulgaria and Norway in support of Bulgaria's international commitments to combat anti-Semitism and the preservation of Jewish heritage" is an initiative implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the "Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies" from side of the donors and with the Diplomatic Institute and the State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, on the Bulgarian side.

The project aims to provide support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other interested parties in the implementation of Bulgaria's commitments as a member of the EU and the "International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance" (IAH) for the integration of measures dedicated to the prevention of anti-Semitism in the relevant national strategic documents and action plans, in particular regarding the development and implementation of the first National Action Plan (NAP) to combat anti-Semitism.

Through the implementation of the mentioned activities, the project aims to increase the institutional capacity and expertise of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other competent institutions, to increase the interest and knowledge of Bulgarian citizens and to increase public awareness of Jewish culture, to strengthen academic research on the Holocaust, as well as to develop sustainable cooperation and exchange of experience between Bulgaria and Norway.

The activities planned by the State Institute for Culture at the minister of foreign affairs&

The planned activities are implemented in parallel with the ongoing projects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the preparation of a National Plan) and the Diplomatic Institute (the sociological survey, digital platform, international conferences and building an academic network).

The activities of the SIC involve a significant number of partners from various sectors. The goal is to create products that sustainably and innovatively communicate the project's themes in the public space.

The activities will focus on increasing the interest and knowledge of the Bulgarian public about Jewish culture in the diverse picture of Bulgarian society, to encourage academic research on the Holocaust.

The prepared products will serve as arguments and evidence for the country's international communication - within the IHRA; to highlight the specifics of the "Bulgarian case" in historical terms and the opportunities to establish a positive image of the country as actively engaged in countering the manifestations of anti-Semitism and hate speech.


  •  Conducting research, working groups and discussion forums;
  • Training sessions for a young generation of "Ambassadors of the Initiative"
  • Preparation of studies that will become the basis for traveling (documentary and author's) exhibitions
  • Creation of materials - posters, exhibitions, video-materials, which will become part of the ongoing activities in the National Plan for Countering Anti-Semitism and communication activities, as well as part of the DKI's materials on the subject.


Research programme

Activity 7.1 - research and selection of materials that are dedicated to Jewish cultural heritage. The research was commissioned to experts from the academic sector and NGOs, organizations of the Jewish community. The topic of Jewish heritage is illustrative of the history of Bulgarian society, an integral part of its richness and diversity, and should contribute to the correct interpretation of today's public life. The prepared documentation and materials are used in the other modules of the...