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Exhibition of the group "Bulgarian Artists Abroad" at the Mission Gallery


The exhibition "Here And There: Between Two Shores" will be opened on August 2 at the Mission Gallery at the State Institute for Culture under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition, curated by Prof. Vassilen Vasevski, presents works of 11 Bulgarian artists, who live and develop their artistic potential overseas: Tatyana Avdzhieva, Atanaska Tassart, Stanimira Radulova, Yordan Ivanov, Lucien Dimitrov, Vassilen Vasevski, Mariana Kalcheva, Kamelia Tomanova, Evgenia Petrova, Ivan Mihov and Kiril Manasiev. The violinist Blagomira Lipari, who has been living and working in the USA for years, will also join the program of the event with a solo performance.

In his text for the exhibition, Prof. Vasevski, a member of the circle of "Bulgarian Artists Abroad", Chicago, writes: "Now, like migratory birds, they return for a short time to where they once flew away from. Their special position of a bridge between two shores and of residing in two worlds allows them to strive for the generally significant in art by reconciling/bringing closely together the national and cosmopolitan, as well as Bulgarian and American traditions in art...

Where are the authors of  "Here And There: Between Two Shores" positioned - Here or There; do they belong only to the USA or only to Bulgaria? This does not seem to matter so much, because with their works they go beyond the geographical limitations and draw the framework of a never-ending journey towards the spiritual, which they have accepted as their destiny.”

The unifying link of the artists in the exhibition is not only their similar personal history, but also the group "Bulgarian Artists Abroad", created in 2007 with the aim of cooperation in the field of art to spread and preserve Bulgarian culture abroad. In their history so far, the members of the circle have recorded over thirty exhibitions, numerous participations in festivals, competitions and other cultural events, which have made them an invariable part of the life of Bulgarians in Chicago and the USA. 

The exhibition is organized within the cycle of cultural events on the theme: "Bulgaria-America: Past, Present, Future", dedicated to the official celebration of 120 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the USA and is a joint project with the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad.

It can be viewed at the Mission Gallery until September 8, 2023.

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