Exhibition of Artist of Bulgarian Origin Stella Sidi in Buenos Aires



The Argentine artist of Bulgarian origin Stella Sidi opened on August 10 this year her new exhibition under the title "Ecdisis" in the prestigious historic neighborhood of Buenos Aires Recoleta. Ambassador Stoyan Mihailov congratulated Mrs. Sidi on her new exhibition and wished her to continue to inspire the audience with her unusual look at the world. 

The name of the exhibition is not only played with the name of the Creator, but also in Latin means "come out", "run", "release", "undress". For the most part, the works were created in time after the Kovid-19 pandemic and the artist's desire was to express the accumulated feelings and fears. 

Stella Sidi's works from the last two decades have undergone a major transformation. In some of them, she borrows characters from works by the great brush masters, such as naked bodies that become the main characters in her paintings. Transparent fabrics overflow into ethereal drapes. The bodies were frozen in an endless moment between desire and suffering. It cleverly mixes the beauty of life with the rough nature.

Effects are achieved with the skillful use of mixed techniques, a combination of organic and synthetic materials, and most of all a large dose of imagination, positioning and intertwining the images in extremely original scenarios. 

In the 2021, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Argentina at the invitation of the State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the exhibition of Stella Sidi “To Travel Around the World in 270 Days” was presented in the World War of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition is part of the collection of the National Endowment Fund "13 Century Bulgaria".